Luke Basham pinned 2k in a very impressive display at 'Locked, Stocks & Two Christmas Carols'. It took a while to get started, as most 2k matches do, as he was adamant on getting his introduction done properly. He started again and again whenever he felt the crowd at Baggeridge we’re interrupting him. Eventually, Basham lost his patience...

This was the start of a wonderful night for Basham as he took home a hat trick of FCW Universe awards, these being Wrestlers wrestler; Wrestler of the Year and Match of the year for his casket match vs the Judge. This was the culmination for the man from Telford, ending the year on a real roll with victories from the last few FCW shows, despite the disappointment of losing the APW title that he defended so proudly.

When I spoke with him he said that he was putting all of the FCW locker room on notice. Management has to see what the fans and wrestlers alike can see and that is that he deserves a shot at gold. He promised at some point in 2019 he will be holding a title in FCW.

Big words but would anyone bet against him?

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