Mark Clarke


Hailing From: Tipton

Weight: Weight: 200Lbs

Height: 6'1

FCW Debut: 2012

Signature Move: Missile Dropkick, Samoan Drop

Finishing Move: Superkick

Achievements: FCW Champion December 2019-, 5x FCW Tag Team Champion (With Matt Clarke as Clarkewood)


Current FCW Champion Mark Clarke seems to get better and better as time goes on, making his in ring debut within FCW alongside brother Matt they quickly established themselves as a dominant force capturing multiple Tag Team Championships within the brand.

In recent times after retiring his brother Matt in an epic encounter at the Christmas spectacular in 2017 two years later Mark reached the top of the mountain by defeating long time best friend Simply Sensational Saul Adams to capture his first taste of singles gold within the company in December 2019, Mark also retired Saul Adams on this occasion as once again stepping up to the big occasion when his career was on the line.

Mark now wants to establish himself as the long term face of the FCW brand by defending his Championship at every opportunity to prove he is the very best in FCW.