Hector Martinez


Hailing From: Walsall,Black Country

Weight: Weight: 300lbs

Height: 5”9

FCW Debut: January 2020

Signature Move: spinning wheel kick, 3 amigos, spinebuster, top rope shoulder tackle

Finishing Move: Tèrmino (DDT)


Hector Martinez is Black Country through and through with Mexican heritage to add to the spice. He is a 300lb heavyweight but dont let his size fool you, he is as agile as most of his counterparts which gives him an advantage. When the odds are stacked against him, spitting coloured mist into his opponents face quickly levels the playing field.

Hector made his debut at FCW Golden Gimmick entering the rumble at number 5. Although he didn’t win the rumble he has predicted a very bright future and vowed to bring something different to FCW.