RC Chaos


Hailing From: Birmingham

Weight: Weight: 238 lbs

Height: 5' 10"

FCW Debut: July 2014

Signature Move: Dark Fruits Elbow

Finishing Move: RCO

Achievements: FCW Heavyweight Champion August 2015 - June 2016, FCW Tag Team Champion July 2018- June 2019, FCW Black Country Champion September 2019-September 2019, Golden Gimmick Rumble Winner 2020


Mr Rock the Night himself, RC Chaos is a mainstay of the FCW roster and is the leader of The Betrayed 2.0. The master of the Dark Fruits Elbow is out to prove himself every time he steps into a wrestling ring and if he can’t get the job done then he always has his trusty crowbar close by for a helping hand.

The first ever Grand Slam Champion in the history of FCW and he did this by becoming the first ever FCW Black Country Champion in September of 2019 by beating Joey Sanchez, Liam Perrin and Carson Bailey on the same night only to be defeated a few moments later by the first ever Golden Gimmick Rumble winner 2k at the In Yoewer House event.