The Iron Serb – Ilya Dragovic


Hailing From: Originally from Serbia, now residing in the Black Country

Weight: Weight: 285 lbs

Height: 5’11''

FCW Debut: January 2008

Signature Move: Balkan Spinning Slam, Big Splash

Finishing Move: Happy Serb Day Slam, Spear

Achievements: FCW Villain of the Year 2014


Hailing from the Republic of Serbia, but now happily residing in the Black Country, the Iron Serb Ilya Dragovic has undergone a change of heart and personality over the last two years.

For years, he had neither liked nor cared what the fans thought and focussed only on destruction and pain for anyone who dared step in the ring with him.

However, a movement called Happy Serb Day was started by FCW fans in 2018 which, initially, annoyed the Serb and drove him mad, but he slowly came around to the idea and a personality change started to happen after a brutal street fight with Marc Hogan.

The full change happened in the 2019 Golden Gimmick Rumble when after being slapped and berated by the Betrayed, the Serb took out both men and fully embraced Happy Serb Day.

Since then, the Iron Serb has become a fans favourite and a true grit battler, fighting through a broken nose among other things, and raising the roof whenever he comes out.

The 12-year veteran is big and powerful, but don’t mistake him for soft or playful as the old Serb can come out if pushed too far.

He is still looking for his first FCW Championship, which he wants to win as a thank you to the fans and for his adopted home at Baggeridge.