The Judge


Hailing From: Rugby

Weight: Weight: 303 lbs

Height: 6'

FCW Debut: October 2003

Signature Move: Cannonball, Emerald Frosion (Guilty as Charged)

Finishing Move: Earthquake Splash

Achievements: Longest reigning FCW Heavyweight Champion, FCW Tag Team Champion (w/ 'The Bird of Prey' Falcon as "Swift Justice")


The Judge is, by far, the most talented, attractive and successful wrestler in FCW history. With over 11 years’ experience between the ropes – as a singles superstar and alongside his brother The Bird of Prey as the dynamic tag team “Swift Justice” – The Judge has gone from strength to strength.

Swift Justice had several tag team title reigns, and beat ALL of the sub-par teams that FCW management threw at them – including The Hunter Brothers & Clarkewood.

As a singles star, The Judge has beaten such FCW legends into retirement as Laken Xander, A-Star Athlete, British Born Steel and GBH.

He has also handily defeated the likes of international superstars Chad Collier, Colt Cabana and Rockstar SpUd.

This man will surely be FCW champion again soon!

By The Judge.